What is DJ?

Dj means Disk Jockey. Dj represents remix of favorite songs, old songs and various kinds of songs with modern music. In 1990 first it started in Bangladesh. Now in whole Bangladesh it has great demand for all kinds of programs, occasions etc.


Who can become a DJ?

Those who have great interest of music and have a basic knowledge about music, they can be a good DJ. Not only boys but also girls also interested about it. There are many female DJ in Bangladesh. Even now in Bangladesh 20% Dj are girl. For this profession there is no age limitation. But young people are more interest about that profession. Anyone can earn some extra money with this profession beside education. A Dj needs popularity, fame, networking and ability of playing audience choice to make them satisfied.



In our country there was no trainer or training center before. But now we have and anyone can have training to become a good DJ. There are many Dj training center and also some Dj personally train for that. There are four step of training. They are Basic course, classic course, essential course and final course. A student needs all kind of songs collection and a good idea about it.



At first a Dj can earn little money. The more s/he gets more experience and popularity, the rate of earning increase gradually. A Dj can earn from 5 thousand to 1 lakh according to level and place.


How many Dj needs for a program?

Generally. For a program needs two or three or more Dj. It depends on program duration. Normally a Dj play for 2 hours. Then another Dj continue.


Where a Dj can get invite?

A established Dj can get invite for a program in all season. Now a Dj has demand for house hold program, wedding, party etc in all kinds of program. During training a student can play for program with a Dj for experience and internship. Even a Dj can arrange a personal program or party. So there is always demand of a DJ. Even a established Dj can do show out of his country.


What instrument need for a DJ?

To maintain a show a DJ needs some instruments. S/he has to buy these instruments. They are Dj player, DJ Mixer, DJ headphone, Dj turn table. In Bangladesh these instruments are now available and costly.


(Written by – Khaled Saifullah Raj)


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